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Michelle owned and operated Chapel Hill Acupuncture for 12 years and took a sabbatical in July & August 2022 to work on courses on auriculotherapy (ear reflexology), and complete writing for an online herbal academy.

Acupuncture studio is located in downtown Carrboro. Studio/office is equipped with infrared heat lamp, bolsters, pillows, and blankets to ensure your comfort. Because the studio is inside a private residence, the exact address is provided upon booking an appointment.

Treatments & Consultations

Michelle is a specialty practitioner and treats primarily those health issues for which she has focused on throughout her years of practice. The specialties are listed below. These represent areas in which she has undergone advanced training and spent more time researching and practicing. Click on links to learn more about her experience, as well as how acupuncture and herbs are utilized. The Blog page (linked on header) also provides information that may be useful in researching acupuncture and herbs.


Ear reflexology for massage therapists is a course offering for massage therapists interested to learn how to incorporate this modality in their practice.


Click on highlighted text to read more about each specialty

  • Orofacial pain to include TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and neurovascular disorders of the face, jaw, and neck
  • Women’s Health to include menopausal syndrome, infertility, dysmenorrhea, and related endocrine imbalances
  • Orthopedic disorders of the neck and head, shoulders and hips
  • Thyroid imbalances and related disorders such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
  • Auto-immune dysfunction with the goal of providing support to reduce the symptoms and slow the progress of tissue destruction. Some examples are Systemic Lupus Erythematous and Metabolic Syndrome. This also includes sequelae of viral illness, such as long Covid.
  • Facial rejuvenation treatments aim to reduce sagging and fine lines and promote collagen formation.

Michelle is a strong proponent of herbal medicine and provides free consultations with acupuncture treatment. These can also be conducted as a separate service in person or via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or by phone.

how to book

To book a new or follow-up appointment online, use the Book Appointment button below. 

A calendar will appear offering all available options. You may add special notes or information, such as the chief complaint and reason for the visit. An interview will be part of the first visit as well to cover all important health history and current symptoms. Choose “Initial Appointment” if you are a new patient.

To learn more about services, click on tab “Services”

Once you click the button you will see a menu. Regular services and all Specials currently featured are listed. You may pre-pay if you wish or scroll down and “Skip” to book and pay later.

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After booking an appointment, return to the website and complete the “Intake Form.”


As the weather cools, the body can feel tighter and muscles may contract to conserve energy.

Receive a warming moxibustion treatment with massage and focused acupuncture (i.e. shoulders, low back) and feel yourself unwind. Whole body type of treatment with some focus to areas of tension.

Choose “Warming Moxibustion” from the booking page. Special price $75 ($20 off) for January 2023.

after booking, complete the intake form

All information entered in this form is confidential. Once you click Submit, the form is sent to a HIPAA-compliant portal and is read solely by the practitioner.

Instructions: Required fields are asterisked *. You may skip questions that do not apply. After completing a section click "Next" to continue. You may need to scroll up to find the next section on your computer or phone. After the last page Mandatory Disclosure, please type your name and click "Submit." 

I have chronic back pain despite (or, perhaps related to) three laminectomies/fusions over the past 10 years.  I went to Michelle with an open mind, hoping for an appreciative level of relief.  She performed a full assessment and developed a plan of action.  I noticed relief following the first acupuncture treatment.  I had a total of three treatments.  I intend to follow up with her soon.  I recommend Michelle to anyone who is not receiving adequate control of pain with traditional modalities or wants to avoid long term opioid use.”

Edward W., RN Care Coordinator at Carol Woods Retirement Community, Chapel Hill, NC

“My husband and I have been getting treatments with Michelle Thelen for several years.  She has been trained in acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine.  She also has intuitive knowledge and she can tell you what she needs to do to help you with your problems.  She is very committed to do everything she can to help her patients.  After suffering intensive cluster headaches on almost a daily basis for years, Michelle was able to eliminate my husband’s headaches after one treatment.  It has now been over 4 years and my husband has never experienced that pain again.  We recommend Michelle without reservation.”

Anna G. Hillsborough, NC




“Michelle is an amazing acupuncturist who really knows her craft. She really listens to her clients and ensures that they leave each session feeling satisfied. She doesn’t just use acupuncture as her only treatment modality but rather she combines several modalities to ensure the best results. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is very flexible with scheduling. As a nurse, I would highly recommend Michelle.”

Lauren T, RN, BSN, OCN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Radiation Oncology

“Michelle Thelen is an excellent acupuncturist.  Last year, I had foot surgery to remove two bone spurs.  The orthopedic surgeon did not prepare me well for the surgery nor did he do a good job with my recovery.  I was in incredible pain for months before I went to see Michelle.  Michelle made more progress after one treatment than the orthopedic surgeon could do at all.  After three treatments, I felt like a new person.  I have since gone back to Michelle for other things and she is fantastic.  She has helped me relieve tension, get over a cold and more.  I can’t recommend Michelle more highly.”

Jodi B, Chapel Hill, NC



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