first timers please select initial acupuncture.

follow uppers can choose any other service on the menu list below.

note: new 30-minute add-on to any service for those who want more time. book the “extra thirty add on” plus any service from menu below. for follow ups only.


main services


110 minutes, $125

New patient appointment to review reason for visit and go over intake form. More than one health issue can be discussed. Includes acupuncture treatment and discussion of a treatment plan if indicated.

REGULAR acupuncture

60 minutes, $95

Brief review of progress and symptoms. May include modalities such as cupping, moxibustion and electrical stimulation. Most flexible follow-up option.

COSMETIC acupuncture

80 minutes, $125

Focused dermal or microneedling on the face to lift sagging, reduce fine lines, and promote skin health. Can also be used on scar tissue and cellulite areas. Includes body acupuncture, masks, massage, and jade rolling. Consultation required via Zoom or in person before committing to a series.

TELEMEDICINE herbal consultation

45 minutes, $85

Herbal remedies are discussed based on health history and current signs and symptoms. Review of medications, other supplements, and diet. Specific remedies along with nutritional advice given within a few days of consultation. Includes one bottle or herbal formula by Evergreen Herbs or competitor. Also includes a check-in within 3 months of initial consult.

extra thirty add-on

30 minutes, $30

Add an extra half hour to any treatment by choosing this option. Please make sure to book it separately and in the slot that is available after your appointment. If you aren’t sure how to do this simply text 919-406-4858 and indicate your appointment time. You will receive a text to confirm whether the slot is open.

specialty services


60 minutes, $105

Combination of acupuncture and massage to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and improve circulatory health. Acupuncture on neuromuscular junctions of muscle and nerve, known as motor points to release muscle tension followed by Chinese massage. Best for chronic tension of neck, back, hip and legs. Also great for fibromyalgia.

warming moxibustion

60 minutes, $95

Moxibustion is the use of a charcoal stick containing the herb mugwort. As the stick is held over acupoints, it stimulates the area and heals congestion by pulling out Damp and Cold locked deep inside tissues. A few specific areas either on the back or on the abdomen are the typical locations for moxibustion. Non-invasive and very delicious. May also include acupuncture and massage. Best for dsymenorrhea, pelvic pain, low back pain, and cramping of muscles.


60 minutes, $95

Glass cups are stronger than plastic counterparts because they are heavy and can release a greater amount of stress and stagnation. Cupping is used for muscle tension but it is also helpful for many health issues including sluggish digestion, back pain, asthma, allergies, and more. It is a great option for those who are fearful of acupuncture, or who are sensitive.

ear reflexology, auricular treatment

45 minutes, $75

Auricular (ear) treatment includes massage of the entire ear to stimulate the vagus (parasympathetic nervous system) followed by placement of seeds or crystals on specific points on the ear. The ear is a small but mighty microsystem that works to address the entire body. Auricular treatment is sometimes added onto regular acupuncture, however, a focused auricular session is a wonderful way to experience ear medicine. Ear seeds can stay in situ on the ear for 5-7 days.


Michelle does an excellent job listening to clients needs. I’ve had a few injuries on my shoulders and knees which she’s addressed with upmost care. My pain has lessened and I am able to keep engaging in activities I enjoy. Would strongly recommend.

Grabiel Soto

Michelle has helped me so much! She considered not just the main issue I have from an injury, but how an autoimmune problem was hindering the healing process. Now that she has gotten my immune system out of attack mode, my injury is getting better. A friend referred me to her, and I am forever grateful! Acupuncture can be so helpful, just remember that your results depend heavily on who does it!

Linda Matthiae

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