Muscle and Joint Pain

When pain presents as a symptom this indicates a stoppage or interruption of circulation to the area. This is the reason that treatments for pain aim to “invigorate the blood” and usher in the flow of Blood and Qi to the area. By addressing the blocked meridian with acupuncture, moxibustion or cupping, the stagnant energy can be dispersed.

In my practice I often combine acupuncture with massage for pain since this works well and can prolong the results. Many people might be surprised to learn that training in acupuncture includes a Chinese style of massage known as Tui Na. This method involves many of the same strokes used in acupressure and Swedish massage. When combined with acupuncture it helps to decongest tissues by moving lymphatic fluids and restoring blood flow. I feel this combination provides an exponential result.

Before studying acupuncture, I worked for over ten years as a massage therapist. I really enjoyed this work because it had many rewards including helping others feel better, using knowledge of muscle and joint anatomy, and developing strategies that provided the best relief. I also gained valuable experience as a massage therapy instructor at a career college located in Denver, CO. Spending hours memorizing the functional anatomy and kinesiology of the rotator cuff muscles was perhaps the biggest challenge of that gig!

Circulatory Disorders: the Yin and Yang

There is a saying in Chinese medicine:  Where there is free flow there is no pain.  Where there is pain there is no free flow. Before pain happens there is a circulatory disturbance of qi or blood. The energetic movement of blood being propelled through the vessels is a manifestation of yang energy. The containment…

Neuralgias and nerve pain: Success with acupuncture

Over the years, I have treated many issues that have been directly or indirectly related to disturbances in nerve healing. Examples include trigeminal neuralgia, post herpetic neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia, pelvic nerve pain, and neuropathy secondary to muscle and soft tissue injury of joints and tissues. I have been truly astounded by how effective acupuncture treatment…

Neck pain (cervicalgia)

Above is pictured an ancient Japanese woodblock from 1807 showing internal pathway of Liver channel and its terminal point at the top of the head. I have seeing more and more neck issues lately, maybe because of computer work and the boxed in work environments. Even those who drive a lot for work suffer from…