Orthopedic disorders

Before studying acupuncture, Michelle worked in private practice as a massage therapist for ten years. She also taught massage therapy at a technical college including anatomy and physiology.

Now as an acupuncturist Michelle is able to utilize those skills she honed as a massage therapist to accurately palpate soft tissues and identify areas of tension and injury.

Many people might be surprised to learn that training in acupuncture includes a Chinese style of massage known as Tui Na. This method involves many of the same strokes used in acupressure and Swedish massage, and in practice is much like a blended type of therapy that helps soften tension and restore circulation. The combination of using meridian theory to stimulate exact points together with massage strokes not only feels great, it yields exponential results.

If you are confused whether you need acupuncture, massage, or both for a soft tissue issue, feel free to use the contact form. And, if you book one or the other Michelle can adjust the treatment if need be once you have arrived and a palpatory diagnosis has been given.