Autoimmunity & Thyroid, an Eastern approach

Auto immunity is difficult to catch right away. It is more commonly seen in women, and it is unclear whether this is simply because women report more of the symptoms, or because of the link with estrogen. Some theories for the cause are estrogen dominance, latent viral illness, adrenal gland weakness, and heredity. Estrogen can … Continue reading Autoimmunity & Thyroid, an Eastern approach

How can acupuncture help the thyroid?

Of all the auto immune and endocrine disorders combined, the most common one I've seen in practice is hypothyroid, and usually it is the autoimmune variety known as Hashimoto Disease. I have also encountered cases of non-autoimmune thyroiditis. When treating any thyroid dysfunction, I always ask that patients bring in recent labs. It is also … Continue reading How can acupuncture help the thyroid?