Orofacial Pain

With over six years of experience working at UNC Dental Faculty Practice in Chapel Hill, Michelle has seen patients with trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint disorder, glossopharyngeal neuralgia and iatrogenic orofacial pain as a result of dental surgery or procedure.

Acupuncture can be quite effective in reducing and sometimes may even resolve pain of an acute or chronic nature. Very thin needles designed specifically for the face are employed to reduce pain.

Other measures to speed up the healing of tissues may include cupping, moxibustion, massage, and electrical stimulation.

How Acupuncture Affects Neuropathy of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Neuropathic pain from TN is caused by damage or obstruction of one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve. Acupuncture is effective in many cases because of its ability to modulate the perception of pain along nerve pathways (Robinson, 2016). There is an acceptance being granted in the field of neuroscience towards acupuncture as more … Continue reading How Acupuncture Affects Neuropathy of Trigeminal Neuralgia