Dryness of the Skin of the Face and Neck

When I work with women on facial protocols to reduce fine lines, there are often underlying conditions of dryness. Oftentimes these begin as faint lines and deepen over time. Menopause triggers more aging that can happen rapidly due to hormonal changes. As estrogen declines the skin loses elasticity, and the effects can be seen as age spots, wrinkles and patchiness or uneven complexion.

Fine lines appear around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. These are the most common sites. In some cases these can be reduced with dermal needling to the ends and middle sections of these lines. Some of the more stubborn lines may require scalp needling and/or under the jawline as both methods have a lifting effect.

Acupuncture points on the Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) can help the body engender more fluid to ease overall dryness. Kidney, Spleen and Lung all play a role in transporting these fluids to organs, tissues and eventually the outer layer or skin.

There are also herbal formulas that promote better fluid metabolism and will improve hydration of tissues, including the dermis.

Women in their mid-30s are not too young either to start cosmetic acupuncture. Because the qi or primal force is still strong, the work can focus on preventing deeper lines as well as bolstering the defenses against the loss of elasticity and collagen.