Treating Fatigue with Acupuncture

Whether emotional, physical, or mental it seems that almost everyone suffers with some type of fatigue.

How does acupuncture help fatigue?

In short, by addressing the patient as a whole being. Understanding the underlying constitution of the person is the first step. This involves covering the bases by questioning, palpation and pulse taking to formulate a workable prescription. If stress is high, selecting some of the calming points such as yin tang and shen men are helpful.

I often use Stomach and Kidney channel points as these address both temporary and long-standing fatigue, respectively.

Aligning meridians is an art and a science. Acupuncture can help rid the body of internal and external pathogens, which frees up the energy to heal and promotes circulation. For deep fatigue, it may be necessary to warm the channels with moxibustion (an herbal wand is held over the point without touching the skin) and also, use Kidney points that revive the adrenals.

There are as many ways to address fatigue as individual patterns and variances.

Are there herbal formulas for fatigue?

Yes, one of the flagship formulas for chronic type fatigue, accompanied by muscle fatigue is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, or Ginseng and Astragalus Combination.

Available through my office in capsule form, this formula contains not only ginseng and astragalus but several other herbal ingredients that assist the “chief” herbs in strengthening the body’s immune system, fighting infection and boosting energy.

Ginseng is well-researched in many countries for its amazing ability to increase energy and stamina. Because this formula is indicated for weak conditions, it is one of the principal herbs chosen. Astragalus is another well-known herb that is used in many formulas for its abilities to strengthen functions of the digestive system, and is especially suited for patients who encounter low-grade fevers, diarrhea, lax muscle tone and aching joints.

There are many formulas to treat fatigue. If sleep is related to hormonal issues, i.e. menopause, a different formula that balances hormones will work better. If pain interferes with sleep, a formula that contains herbs to ease pain and improve circulation to the muscles and joints is the ticket.

Most formulas are available in capsule, patent form. Sometimes a combination of formulas is required which may require a tailored prescription.

In those circumstances, I will write a tailored and individual prescription for herbal formulas, and these can be direct shipped to patients. All herbs are GMP and FDA approved for purity.