Published articles and links

Michelle has been published in Health & Healing (Triangle circulation), Chatham County Line news, and HubPages. She is a regular contributor to the Herbal Academy, an online herbal training school that offers recipes, articles, and courses in herbal medicine.

She has written on several topics such as acupuncture facial rejuvenation, the alkaloid berberine as a wonder herb, and treating gastrointestinal health with herbs and acupuncture. Michelle loves writing as it helps her learn how to communicate better, and is also a doorway to the right brain.

Berberine’s medicinal benefits – HubPages. Learn how berberine can help with cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. This supplement is an alkaloid that is derived from Chinese and western herbs. Studies show that it reduces blood sugar, kills bacteria in the gut, and improves cardiovascular circulation.

Facial rejuvenation aka cosmetic acupuncture – article in Chatham County Line news, published in Aug. 2019, p.5. Yes, acupuncture can help reduce signs of aging. It brightens the complexion, reduces dark circles and fine lines, and improves sagging of jowls and neck muscles.

Treating gastrointestinal health with herbs and acupuncture – article in Chatham County Line news, published in Sept. 2016, p. 3.  The gut is a complex system that controls in large part our immune system and response to stress and environment. Acupuncture and herbs can help regulate and coordinate functioning of the gut by tonification and dispersal methods of acupuncture, and also with herbal ingredients that improve absorption and excretion of digested foods.