Metabolic Master Plan with Acupuncture

This plan can be combined with immune health plans to devise a reasonable and effective exercise, dietary, and stress relieving plan. It is suitable for anyone who is suffering with ongoing or chronic health issues of any type (digestive, immune, even pain).  It is also a way to stick with a routine method for a while… to help adjust your metabolism and correct problems related to irregular, poor, or wrong diet.

For those who have specific problems with losing weight, or managing weight – we will discuss goals and strategies.  Depending upon your health history, a “tweak” to your eating habits with some supplements may be all that is required. Others may require a more thorough and diligent dietary plan. See below.

If you have any of the following, you may need a stronger and more engineered eating plan for 2 to 3 months in order to heal inflammatory and immune markers:

  • History of illness including cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, poor digestion and motility (constipation, IBS, Crohn)
  • Difficulty losing weight in spite of following a generally healthy eating plan
  • Ongoing immune system weakness marked by chronic fatigue, muscle pain, thyroid dysfunction or adrenal weakness.

Full Health Plan

  1. Metabolic assessment which may include one or more of the following: examining salivary cortisol, thyroid hormone, and male/female sex hormones, and other tests if indicated.  If you already have had these tests, a copy should be brought in for review.
  2. Health history review including a review of systems (respiratory, digestive, immune).  A Chinese medicine diagnosis will also be performed to identify meridian or organ imbalances that need to be specifically addressed.
  3. Option for 3-week, 6-week, or 10-week acupuncture series that boosts metabolism, invigorates lymphatic circulation, and eases inflammation, thereby promoting healthier and lasting weight control.  You can opt for one of these, or we can determine which plan is most suitable at your initial evaluation.
  4. A written plan delivered in PDF form that will outline specific foods that should be part of a healthy diet, as well as those to be avoided.  Recipes are included!

Some advantages to the Plan include:

  • Specific and individualized recommendations for blends of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids chosen to match patient’s constitution and metabolic profile. These are based on current and most promising research-based medical advice, as well as holistic and traditional methods – blending modern day approaches with wisdom of traditional medicine.
  • An emphasis is placed on protecting digestive organ and circulatory organ health, and this includes protocols to quell inflammation, strengthen digestive system, and boost circulation.  The effects of boosting metabolism have life long effects that lead to feeling calmer, having more energy and focus, and enjoying life more fully.


How does acupuncture promote weight loss?

Acupuncture is moving – it moves blood, lymph, interstitial fluids (fluids between cells). That is why it is so effective at reducing scars, reducing swelling, and easing pain. Congestion in tissues leads to many of the problems we encounter, and includes everything from joint pain to dermatitis to acid reflux.  Because weight problems are linked with sluggish digestion, or sluggish metabolism, or both, acupuncture helps get things moving, and safely. Unlike more drastic methods of losing weight, such as extreme fasting, liposuction, or excessive exercising, acupuncture works gently to “unplug” stuck areas in the gastrointestinal system and also boosts immune function. This is a major advantage when trying to reshape one’s body, as well as improve overall health.

What types of eating plans do you advise?

While there is variation as to body type, health history, and specific needs, it is now widely recognized that maintaining healthy fat stores in the body helps to repair cells, and prevent a wearing down of mitochondria. Eating a diet high in carbohydrates (pasta, bread, grains), on the other hand, stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin which signals your body to store more fat.  Plans utilize a mainly ketogenic focus, while also adding in individualized menus to address specific issues such as thyroid, auto immune disease, adrenal gland problems, organ imbalances, and more.

What are the costs for the program?

All plans include a full evaluation, analysis of any relevant blood or lab work, and a written recommendation sheet outlining best dietary practices for your constitution, as well as a series of acupuncture sessions.  As a special feature, you will also receive 2 bottles of complementary supplements that promote healthy weight loss. Supplements may contain herbs, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, or some combination thereof.

The 3-week plan (3 sessions of acupuncture, check-ins at each follow up to gauge progress, review of systems). Cost: $475.00.

The 6-week plan includes same as above, with 6 sessions of acupuncture. Cost is $595.00.

The 10-week plan includes same with 10 sessions of acupuncture. Cost is $895.00.

Payments can be made in installments upon request.

How long before I notice benefits?

With acupuncture treatment, benefits are usually noticed immediately – such as improved energy, better sleep, better mood – as the hormonal and neurotransmitter pathways are positively boosted.  Weight loss is difficult to predict since the patient is a participant in the process – if supplements and dietary modifications are followed, results will begin to manifest within the first few weeks.  Attention is given to any “bumps” or stalling of results so that the proper modifications can be made.

How Do I Get Started?

Use the Appointments link to book either a free consultation, or an initial evaluation.  If you have questions or would like to speak on the phone first, simply leave your contact details and Michelle will be in touch shortly. There is no obligation to proceed.