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Modalities used in this office:

Acupuncture: Chinese, Japanese, and Auriculotherapy (ear) styles may be selected
Acupressure (press and rub, or press and hold along the meridians). Especially useful for those with pain syndromes who will benefit from hands-on work.
Gua sha (Vietnamese style scraping with ceramic or plastic implement). Used to disperse very stagnant energy, for example, fascial constrictions around muscles that restrict movement of joints. Usually performed on the back muscles.
Cupping (placement of glass cups on back, legs, arms and abdomen to release areas of focal tension or stagnation).
Moxibustion (warming technique using rolled herbal ingredients over the back or abdomen). Very helpful for internal Cold stagnation, for example, menstrual cramps, intestinal cramping, tight paraspinal muscles, cramping and spasmodic pain).
Herbal medicine.  The advantages of herbal cures are significant and greatly underutilized in this country. Herbs enter into tissues without creating circulatory disturbances to the blood or organs, and gently yet profoundly alter blood chemistry to heal many conditions. Used for digestive, respiratory, immune system health, and even topically for dermatological conditions.