Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is now being recognized by many reproductive endocrinologists for its astounding success in boosting pregnancy rates for women undergoing ART’s (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) including IVF and IUI.

For women who have tried for more than one year to get pregnant, and have stopped all birth control, Chinese medicine is a great option.  Some women will seek ART’s to assist, which can be simple shots of hormones to stimulate ovulation, or longer cycles of hormonal interventions that may require several attempts before conception is achievable.  The success rate of ART’s is not high, about 25% overall, and it is believed that acupuncture can significantly boost levels of success.  The “Paulus protocol” first conducted as a clinical trial in 2002 at the Department of Reproductive Medicine, in Germany, found that women who received acupuncture shortly before and after IVF had significantly higher pregnancy rates (42.5 % for acupuncture group versus  26.3% for control group).

Acupuncture has long-proven success spanning centuries in the treatment of women’s health from menstrual problems (dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovarian disease, pelvic pain, menstrual migraine and infertility). Chinese herbal formulations that “invigorate blood,” and “tonify Qi” can also make a significant contribution to improving fertility.