Essentially it’s Fall: Essential Oil Class on 11/11/2018

In these weird weather times it might be hard to confirm the season.  Raining a lot but still very warm.  Guess it’s Fall no matter what –

To usher in the season, I’m hosting this essential oil class in November at 1:30, on 11/11 @ the office on 141 Providence Road, #160, Chapel Hill.

In this class I’ll be going over how and when to use essential oils for emotional, physical, and spiritual benefit. All layers of our being combine and overlap, so it’s good to know that using something for a common cold can still help clear up the congestion in your soul!

Please register for this class if you’re interested.  You will receive a free EO blend of your own design and the class time is 45 minutes. I’m asking a small donation for the materials used and suggested is $5.00.

Some teasers on Essential OilsEO’s:

Helichrysum EO has been used to help with tinnitus, hearing loss, and is noteworthy for its ability to heal scars, nicknamed the “arnica of essential oils.”

Ginger EO is great for joint pain, and is warming to the meridians in general. It can relax gastric spasms, ease congestion, and promotes the movement of fluids thus helping detoxify.

Frankincense EO is considered spiritually uplifting and promotes mental clarity. It acts like a fumigant working through layers of tissues and penetrating deeply. For this reason it is good for lung problems like bronchitis and asthma.

One important key to using essential oils is learning how to combine them to make a blend that has healing properties, and also SMELLS GOOD.  This process is not difficult, and I will guide you on how to choose base notes and high notes to attain a nice blend that has a nice earthy root and also an aromatically pleasing scent.