Why Itch?

Itching is a bothersome thing.  What is so ironic about it is that when you itch, it is often due to something deeper than skin.  Beyond just contact dermatitis (touching metals or plants for example, that induce a histamine response) there are many reasons we itch.


Itching can be a side effect of medication, an allergic response, or related to digestive issues.  While there may be immune, allergic, or digestive issues underlying an itching problem, it is still important to be able to stop itching quickly. It can turn you into a big green monster otherwise (see above).

Chinese Herbs to the Rescue!

A recent case was a woman in her 40’s who had suffered with hives since her 20’s. After a car accident at a youngish age, 20’s, she developed a case of intermittent hives that had not abated her entire life.  She would get small pin size eruptions and sometimes bigger welts all over her body, but especially her arms and legs. When it got more severe, the hives would spread to her feet and abdomen. When she arrived to my clinic, she had gotten to the point where she was waking up itching, and unable to really function at work. She would develop these almost every year, usually triggered by more stress. After many courses of steroids and conventional dermatological treatments, she got frustrated with the “no cure” status and came to me for alternatives.

I used a formula by Evergreen Herbs for itching. This contains a potent blend of herbs that immediately detoxify the blood and improve the Blood component. In TCM, Blood is a component that rules such conditions as itching and dryness. These herbs have been used to control itching and nourish the skin for thousands of years. Clinical studies corroborate what is already known by millions of Asians – herbs work better than anything to stop itching.  I name this one, but the formula actually contains about 12 herbals.  Using a combination is very crucial because the herbs work synergistically to accentuate the effect.

With the combination of acupuncture and herbs, the patient did stop itching!  By the 2nd month of taking the herbs, she states that she finally had a day of no itching, that then turned into a week, and a month. She has remained itch-free for over 6 months now and is a convert to herbal medicine.







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